In order to complete Full Senior, Junior, Youth and Quicksticks membership, you will be asked for payment via Gocardless at the end of your registration form.
    For the remaining membership categories, you will receive a payment request by email following confirmation criteria have been met and subsequent approval of your membership application.

    These relate to the school year your child will be going into in September 2018. Please selected the category from the drop down menu and then the age/gender group on the payment page. Spaces are capped per age group/gender and will be allocated on a first come basis.

    Youth (school years 8-13)
    U18, U16, U14 boys – training on Wednesday 7:30-9pm - unless invited to train with senior teams
    U18, U16, U14 girls – training on Monday 6:30-8pm - unless invited to train with senior teams

    Junior – Sunday training
    U12 boys, girls (school years 6-7) – 11:30-13:00
    U10 boys, girls (school years 4-5) – 10:00-11:30

    Quicksticks (school years 1-3) – Sunday training
    Mixed- 9:15-10:00

    Senior Training
    M1&2 - Monday 8-9:30
    L3&4 - Tuesday 6:30-8
    L1&2 - Tuesday 8-9:30
    M3&4 - Wednesday 7:30-9

    Payable over a period of 4 months. There will be no additional surcharge for this option.

    For those submitting multiple family membership applications, please click on ‘submit and add additional members’.
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

Account set-up not complete. Administrator – please ensure that you have selected how you would like to receive payment and who pays the transaction fees. Go to Admin > Settings to enter this information.