• Welcome to Hadleigh RFC's Membership Portal

    Sign up and pay your membership fees online and (if applicable) those of your children.

    Please note:

    1) If you don't pay your Membership Fee you're not eligible to play matches.

    2) We are committed to equality of opportunity and fairness for all in rugby, so if the cost of membership may affect your decision to sign up, please speak to a Club Official. All conversations will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    3) ALL players MUST BE registered with the RFU before playing in matches, there are no exceptions. Registration with the RFU also gives you insurance coverage. This means you need to complete an RFU Registration Form. If you have not already done this (eg. last season) you can download this form at www.hadleighrfc.co.uk. (go to More ~ Club Documents). Then hand it in to your Age group coach or manager. Your RFU registration number is important for the insurance.
    Please note that all Direct Debit transactions cost the club an admin fee, Therefore the children's membership payment by Monthly Direct Debit will incur an admin fee.

    4) Please ensure you start with the OLDEST PLAYER FIRST (e.g. Youth player U13-U16 then add additional sibling - mini U6-U12 membership)
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

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