• Please select the membership option that best suits you, or your team.
    Affiliate membership is open to all.
    Please select this option if you are not a practicing designer - or you are unsure.
    You, or members of your team can apply to change to Grad or ProBIDA later if you wish.

    GradBIDA membership is for graduates with <6years work experience, who will be invited to a submit 2 case studies to the membership group.
    ProBIDA membership is for practising professionals.
    Under 6years, but under 15 work experience - you will be invited to present 2 case studies to the membership group.
    Over 15 work experience - you do not need to present case studies.

    All candidates enter BIDA as affiliates until their membership grade is approved.
    Members who are unsuccessful at assessment will remain affiliates, be given feedback and the opportunity to re-apply.

    Team memberships are based on the number of individuals in the team - irrespective of membership category.
    To promote your design business, educational course or business wishing to supply designers, please choose a team membership.
    Teams of designers with at least one ProBIDA member can promote their organisation in the "find a designer" section of the BIDA website
    Teams of affiliates can promote their services in the "partner" section of the BIDA website

    You can choose to pay subscriptions monthly or annually by direct debit of card
    VAT is not applicable to BIDA subscriptions
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

Account set-up not complete. Administrator – please ensure that you have selected how you would like to receive payment and who pays the transaction fees. Go to Admin > Settings to enter this information.