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    INFORMATION: Children’s memberships and ‘Guardian Memberships’

    For individual JUNIOR Memberships (i.e. where neither is a playing-member) at least one parent must join as a ‘Guardian Member’. (This is for legal and Child Protection purposes, is essential for communications, and because the parent will know and use the key-code.)

    Additionally, the Club advises that all NON-PLAYING PARENTS and other ADULTS (e.g. nanny, grandparent) who will be accompanying children to the Club and using the key-code must also join as ‘Guardian Members’, as it is essential that adults/parents who are often at the Club are “known” to/registered with the Club - whether just supervising, or bringing their children to coaching. PLEASE USE THE 'SUBMIT AND ADD ADDITIONAL PEOPLE'-OPTION WHEN REGISTERING JUNIOR or GUARDIAN MEMBERS.

    ‘TOTS’: Members’ children age 3-4 may have FREE membership, so feel free to give their details to the Club when joining. Children from Primary 1 upwards can become JUNIORS and register for coaching. PLEASE ONLY SELECT ‘TOTS MEMBERSHIP’ WHEN ALL PAYING-MEMBERS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. Thank you.

  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

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