• Guildford Hockey Club (GHC) - MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES

    Adult Membership - Categories vary by Players' individual circumstances

    Junior Membership - Categories vary by Players' age.
    NOTE: If you are a Parent/Guardian registering a Junior player, please ensure that you are already a registered GHC Adult Member(Social or Playing as appropriate).

    Please select the appropriate category - If unsure refer back to full information on GHC website.

    Guildford Development League (GDL) - Hockey Development Courses

    This portal also facilitates the student registration and payment on Hockey Development courses run by GHC for state schools in the Guildford area.

  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

Account set-up not complete. Administrator – please ensure that you have selected how you would like to receive payment and who pays the transaction fees. Go to Admin > Settings to enter this information.