• North Ayrshire Athletics Club 2018/19 Simplified fee structure

    Please select appropriate form from the drop down menu below.

    Please note that membership & monthly fees have been amalgamated into one monthly payment .

    CAP (Club Access Programme) £8 for 1 night £16 for 2
    *if CAP is full you will automatically be added to a waiting list

    Junior (9 - 18 years if in full time education)
    £25 single athlete
    £40 dual family
    £50 triple family

    Seniors (19 years and over) £7

    All about amounts are charged per month via direct debit using the go cardless platform!

    Senior 2nd claim £30 for the year

    For queries about CAP please email community@naathletics.co.uk and for further information about club membership please contact membership@naathletics.co.uk

    Don’t forget to look at the welcome pack on the club website and join the NAAC parents of NAAC CAP parents Facebook page
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

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