• All players are required to submit a new a photo each season for each players registration card, this photo needs to be different each season because the Leagues will not accept the same picture as the season before. After completing registration can you email a picture of your Daughter or Son to our Registrations Secretary Danny Norris at - Registration.Secretary.Mow@outlook.com - or if easier you can text the image to Danny on 07786 224419 - Please ensure you include the name of your Daughter or Son and their team age group so the image can be correlated to their League registration and to each player record.

    The player should be facing forward with eyes open, preferably a 'head and shoulders' image, similar to a passport photo.

    If you are unable to send an image please pass your coach TWO passport photos as soon as possible so the registration can be completed.

    **IMPORTANT** For all new players joining Mile Oak Wanderers who WERE NOT signed on to the Club last season must also provide proof of age, as with the photographs please send a COPY of either a birth certificate, passport or other identification document. We require these for proof of age and these can be requested from us by the leagues at any stage, thank you.
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

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