• Membership of One Life Triathlon club is open to anyone who wishes to train with us. You need to be at least 8 years of age, or be turning 8 in the current calendar year. You are welcome to register with us earlier than this.

    If you would like to join us at One Life Racing triathlon club, this is how it works:

    1. You register with us here on LoveAdmin. Please include your bank details. No payment is taken at this stage. This will get you on our waiting list.

    2. We invite you to a swim assessment. We aim to hold these every two to three months. Details of the swim assessment are on our website. We aim to be an all-ability club; however, our coaches are not qualified to teach people to swim. Therefore we are unfortunately unable to take complete swim beginners.

    As a guide, for Tristarts (7 and 8 year olds) we are looking for the ability to swim 8 lengths on a one-minute turnaround, plus the stamina to manage a 45 minute training session. Adults do a 400m (16 lengths) time trial, with no lower time limit. Please note that we do ask juniors to try again next time if our coaches feel that they are not yet ready. Our assessment and training sessions focus on front crawl, being the most commonly used stroke in the swim.

    The assessments are held at the Wentworth pool during our normal swim session times. You will receive an email from our Membership Secretary with further details closer to the time. We are oversubscribed in some junior age categories, and so in this situation we are sorry that you may have to wait longer than three months to join the club.

    3. After the swim assessment, you will be asked to agree to our Code of Conduct and then you can come and join us at training! For the first month there is no charge. After that, unless you tell us otherwise, we will active the monthly direct debit for the appropriate membership subscription. Please note that we no longer offer a Pay As You Go membership option.

    If you have any further questions about joining or encounter any problems during the registration process, please get in touch with our Membership Secretary by email at membership at oneliferacing.co.uk
  • If registering more than one person, please enter the name of the lead member first.

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