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Important notice - 13th November: The service we use to manage delivery of emails is currently experiencing a technical problem. We therefore advise that emails sent via the system will not be delivered until further notice. We will update you of the status as soon as we know more. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Whilst making improvements to the user interface, we've taken the opportunity to make a few changes to the placement and terminology of our content. Changes include:

  • Reference to 'Members' has been changed to Contacts.
  • We’ve consolidated some functions under a new 'Action' menu option.
  • Subscription Options in the main menu has been changed to Payment Options.
  • Donation Appeals and Supporters Club has been moved under Payment Options.
  • Settings in the main menu has been renamed to Account. Under this menu option we have changed what was previously called Account to Settings. You can change the colour of your interface under this option.
  • Custom Subscription Groups have been renamed to Payment Categories.
  • What was previously known as Payment Categories have been renamed to Payment Calculator.
  • Help has been changed to Knowledge Centre.
  • On page help articles can be accessed via the Help widget on the bottom right of the page.

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  Here's a list of common issues that may prevent you from logging in:

  1. You have created a password but have not received the email that contains the link to activate your password. In this case, please check your spam folder.
  2. You have not checked to see if you have received the email to activate your password and/or you have not clicked on the activation link contained in the email.
  3. The username and password fields have been pre-populated by your browser but when you try and login, the system displays 'Invalid username / password. Please retry.' To resolve, please delete what has been pre-populated and re-type your username (this will be your email address) and password.